The smart meter roll-out in Europe – a success story?

Tapping the benefits of machine learning on smart meters During E-world Energy and Water 2023, Sense participated in the Smart Metering Forum hosted by ESMIG. The forum aimed to explore the...

Unleashing Utilities

How load disaggregation and grid edge intelligence on smart meters can deliver a cost effective energy transition for customers and the climate. Grid edge intelligence and appliance level load disaggregation...

Energy networks must evolve to incorporate renewables more effectively

Australia faces an energy paradox as the country pursues its net zero targets. The Federal Government has enshrined into law an emissions reduction target of 43 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030 and net zero...


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AI-ready smart meters

The world is facing an inflection point. Surging power prices are creating hardship for consumers. Whilst global warming imperils our way of life.
There is a finite time to cut costs and carbon!

So, what’s the solution?