4 Things You Need to Know Before You Select Your Next Smart Meter

Making an investment in technology is never easy. But when that technology is expected to last 15+ years, like smart meters, the stakes are much higher. After all, the energy transition will happen during the lifespan of meters being installed now. It’s a critically important decision. Make the wrong meter choice and you may not be able to adapt to the needs of the changing energy landscape.

It’s a lesson that is still fresh in the minds of utility decision makers after first-generation smart meters fell well short of their promises. And while there have been some incremental improvements to meters that have come to market since, a revolution in smart meter technology has arrived. Next Gen Smart Meters have changed the role of smart meters from data collection devices to a distributed platform powered by software and capable of transforming how we manage the grid.

So what exactly makes a smart meter a Next Gen Smart Meter?

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