E-world Forum 2024: European Smart Metering

The deployment of smart meters across the European Union has been a journey marked by both progress and challenges. Mandated by EU legislation since 2009, the rollout of these meters was expected to...

Distribution Networks: Customer Cooperation and Cutting Costs

By Michael Jary, International Managing Director for Sense How load disaggregation and grid edge intelligence on smart meters can help network operators reduce costs today and in the future. Grid edge...

Why 2024 must be a transformative year in UK household energy

Michael Jary, Managing Director EMEA & APAC for Sense, discusses his top four 2024 predictions for the UK energy sector. 1. 2024 will see AI transform household energy consumption across the world; the UK...


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AI-ready smart meters

The world is facing an inflection point. Surging power prices are creating hardship for consumers. Whilst global warming imperils our way of life.
There is a finite time to cut costs and carbon!

So, what’s the solution?

Keeping Blackouts at Bay

Better demand-side flexibility is required to prevent blackouts from occurring. In Japan, the government has urged people in Tokyo and its surrounding area to use less electricity, as it warned that supplies will be strained as the country faces a...

Sense Takes Aim at Global Expansion

Michael Jary, International Managing Director for Sense, discusses the company’s expansion into the UK and global markets and the effect of climate change on the utility industry. Tell us about what Sense can offer householders Using artificial...