Unlock new value cases with high-resolution next-gen smart meters

Whilst legacy smart meters have had comparatively limited functionality, next generation meters can do a lot more. They can identify and locate faults on the grid, they can provide consumers with a real time breakdown of their consumption by appliance, they can detect EV’s and heat pumps, and they can bring load shifting to homes at scale, with a combination of connected and behavioural demand side response.

This is largely due to the combination of three technologies:

  1. High-resolution data of 15KHz or more 
  2. Grid edge processing of the data so it doesn’t all have to be shared with the cloud 
  3. Real-time connectivity to enable insight and response in the moment.

It’s also compelling that the incremental cost is surprisingly modest, and it is far exceeded by the savings to the energy system. Therefore, next generation meters are now being specified with high resolution data as standard. It’s the default in North America and is increasingly seen in Asia Pacific too.

However, 15KHz is the baseline for high resolution data with the greatest benefits at 1MHz. This provides the most powerful use cases and the greatest savings available to grid operators, retailers, and other market participants.

About Sense

Sense is making the energy transition accessible for everyone. Sense’s embedded intelligence redefines how people and utilities interact with homes and the grid. By partnering with meter manufacturers, Sense delivers software driven by high-resolution data that’s vital for utilities to better engage with customers, detect devices, balance load, forecast demand and identify anomalies. Our consumer app makes homes smarter, empowering people to make better use of their energy, lower electricity bills, and reduce their carbon footprint.

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